About us

This is a story of a fascination with cars, and it began when you were a child. It’s a story of the car you’ve been dreaming about for years. You couldn’t afford it back then, but you promised yourself that one day it would be yours. This is a story of the car of your dreams.

Today, it’s finally within your reach. But now it’s old, and it’s used, and has travelled huge distances. Its condition leaves a lot to be desired. The cost of fixing it may be many times higher than its actual value. Buying it, you run the risk of getting yourself a money pit. 

What if I offered you an alternative? Imagine the car of your dreams, in perfect condition, with super-low mileage. A car that, despite its age, is practically new. But that’s not all. What if told you that I always have each car inspected before I put it up for sale? I also change the tyres and, if necessary, the brake pads, along with the discs. So, I’m offering you an almost new car, plus full diagnostics and inspection… Am I out of my mind, you ask? No. I’m a car lover just like you, and I want to fulfil your dream.

The cars I sell come from Japan. Why do I bring them from there, of all places? Well, there are a few details that set Japanese car enthusiasts apart.

  1. The utmost care that they take of their cars, as well as their remarkable honesty. The Japanese are perfectionists; they look after their cars, you could say, fanatically. They make sure to give them proper maintenance, and if they sell them, the buyer can count on their well-known fairness.
  2. The Japanese often buy cars from Europe. For them, owning a European car is considered a sign of prestige and luxury. That is why, even though Japan drives on the left, the cars I import have the wheel on the “European” (i.e. left) side.
  3. For the same reason, the Japanese hardly ever use their European cars. When they do, it’s mainly at auto shows and at weekends for recreation. As a result, the cars have low mileage and are in great condition.